Casino royal poker set

Casino royal poker set free slot machine gambling on line

This set was limited to individually numbered pieces, and can now sometimes be found on eBay.

Its all packed in a nice black wooden box with Casino Royale logo. They were manufactured in the factory in Turnhout, Belgium. Patrick The "Casino Royal" on the tablets is because they are replicas. Very high quality poker set, put together to exactly the same specifications as the set used in the movie. We will be happy to answer your question!

Poker Hands from poorest to strongest hand) Texas Hold'em Ian Flemings Casino Royale Casino Royale poker chips are definitely one of the coolest poker chips we've ever offered. Super heavy 14 gram weight, matte finish, silver foil inset logo w. casinoroyale Features: ''Casino Royale with Laser Effects'' style. -Pre-packaged and cannot be customized. -Poker chip set includes: piece - gram.

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